Episode 13

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27th Jan 2021

The Manila Podcast 2021 Predictions by Anton & Spanky

The Manila Podcast 2021 Predictions by Anton & Spanky

00:00 Welcome and Recap of Ultimate Taste Test 2020

00:08 Introduction of 2021 Predictions: Manila Re-Opening


#1: Gen Z will vote become more influential and vote the next President of the Philippines


#2: Monday Food Trips and Roadtrip to Off the Beaten Path is the new gimmick.


#3: Work from Islands and Open Distance Learning from AirB&B


#4 Local Cruising Bubble Travel Trend


#5: The Air Fryer Craze in Manila


#6: Home-Based Concept & Deliveries will Continue to Win in 2021:

Korean-Filipino Craze and Plant-based Trends


#7 Start of the Next Tech Boom: Clean Technology, Financial Technology, and BioGenomics


#8 Why Lyka Gems could be big for the restaurant and hospitality industry?


#9 Ransomeware / Hacking will be on the Rise (specially one year before the elections)


#10 More People will have Ergonomic Issues and best way it to prevent by adopting Ergonomic Practices

1:28 Final Thoughts

When can we Watch Movies in the Cinema again vs. Home Theater watching with the family?

1:34 Romance and High Tech Sex in the New Normal?

1:37 NBA Prediction: Lakers would Win

1:40 Final Movie Recommendation to Watch

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